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The restaurant area can seat 150 guests on maximum occupancy. The décor resembles a typical beach shack with cane and bamboo accents and thatched roof. Rustic looking wall art blends into the interiors. Service is very friendly; notice the smiles on ones sporting ‘Guru’ t-shirts. Being one of the very few pet friendly restaurants in the surrounding and the beach just a stone’s throw away, you may well have your pets soak in the ambience too. Beach activities like angling and canoeing; and boat trips can be arranged on request.


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With humble beginnings as a chai stall and later Guru canteen, this family run establishment currently operates a restaurant, a nightclub and a guesthouse. The owner, Sadguru Purushottham Naik, a former lifeguard at the beaches of Vagator, Anjuna and Baga envisioned this in the early 60’s when Anjuna was beginning to develop as a jaunt for hippies. Coming from a family of farmers, agriculture was the natural way to go. Instead, he saw a lucrative option in this business catering to tourists, especially the inflow of foreigners. He was famously known as ‘Guru’, hence the namesake establishments. Being one of the very few eating joints, tourists who enjoyed the then clean beaches, brought their own instruments, played live music and revelled all night. He offered them mattresses so they could get some rest. He would sell beans bhaji and close to three hundred of vegetable cheese toast everyday; the latter of which is still served here. Having a grandfather among the Portuguese police, he has helped a few neighbourhood businesses to start. He bought over the land and the house where he was a tenant and has built this business on his own accord slowly expanding the area up to the beach. In the monsoon of 1967 the canteen came to shape and has since grown to be very well known in Anjuna as Guru Bar. His sons, Swapnil Naik and Satyavan Naik manage different aspects of these businesses.

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